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Consultancy Services

25 years of specialized experience in all aspects of traction motor manufacture and repair has enabled Rotomac to expand its operations in the area of consulting services. With years of dedicated attention, Rotomac can offer its clients focused advice in all areas of setting up and operating a traction motor repair workshop, namely:

  • Analyzing the types of motors that need to be repaired;
  • Determining the size of the traction motor repair workshop;
  • Selecting a suitable site for the workshop;
  • Selecting and installing material handling equipment;
  • Selecting plant and equipment in keeping with the type, quantity-per-month and nature of repair work;
  • Segregating air conditioned spaces for selected jobs;
  • Selecting the right kind of man-power;
  • Training the man-power.
The result is a completely tailor-made plant suited perfectly to client requirements for maximum efficiency and quality.