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Rotomac was set up by a group of professional and highly qualified engineers. Facilities were geared towards the repair of locomotive traction motors.


Indian Railways selected Rotomac to repair their electric loco/diesel electric loco motors.


Rotomac was selected by the Indian Railways to become the exclusive repair house in the private sector to repair traction motors and generators of diesel electric locomotives. This contract was valid until 1993 in which period over
4000 traction motors were repaired. In the history of Indian Railways this was the largest duration for any contract.


Rotomac was franchised and appointed the authorized General Electric (GE) repair shop in India. This agreement remained valid until 1993.


Rotomac was appointed GE Sales Representative for insulating materials in India. This agreement remained valid until 1993.


GE and Rotomac signed a collaboration agreement for the manufacture of the GE range of insulating materials and varnishes (class H & C) in India. The Rotomac insulating materials unit was inaugurated by His Excellency, the American Ambassador to India. The licensing agreement expired in Nov. 1992.

Rotomac R & D facility is recognized by the Govt. of India.


Rotomac enters export market:
Rotomac was awarded a contract to repair 40 GE 761 traction motors of Indonesian Railways worth US$ 560,000.00. His Excellency, the Indonesian Ambassador to India visited Rotomac works.

Rotomac was awarded a second order to supply spare parts for 50 traction motors to Indonesian Railways and other Railways worth US$ 415,000.00.


Rotomac received a contract from Bangladesh Railways to repair traction motors and generators worth US$ 307,000.00.

Rotomac received an order from Canada for the supply of spare parts of GE 761 traction motors for US$ 1.3 million.

In association with Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), Rotomac develops the single coil design for the TAO 659 field coils. Several stator frames fitted with the single coil design field coils were tested at CLW and were found acceptable.


Rotomac enters traction motor and traction motor armature manufacture field:
Rotomac receives orders for updated versions of 60 GE 752 traction motors and GE 761 traction motors from the Railway Board.

Rotomac receives orders for Alsthom make TAO traction motor armature and stator frames.

Rotomac received repeat orders from Canada worth US$ 650,000.00 for the supply of traction motor spare parts including the supply of new GE 761 traction motor, GE 752 traction motor armature, etc.

Rotomac received orders from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia for the repair of traction motors worth US$ 300,00.00 and for the supply of spare parts of traction motors.

Rotomac supplies 120 sets of single coil design field coils to CLW.

Rotomac becomes the approved source for the supply of insulating materials of the temperature class 180�C/200�C.


Rotomac receives orders from CLW for new Hitachi traction motors - 2 prototype traction motors were successfully type tested (as per IEC 349) by CLW/RDSO engineers and were cleared for production.

Rotomac receives repeat orders from Canada for US$ 1.28 million for traction motor spare parts.


Rotomac, Noida, the second traction motor works was commissioned in February.

Rotomac installs new mica plant at Sahibabad.

Railway Board (Indian Railways) selects Rotomac for the manufacture of Hitachi traction motors for their main line locomotives (5000 HP).

Rotomac receives export orders from Malaysia and Canada for the repair of traction motor armatures for an aggregate value of US$ 220,000.00. 

Rotomac receives export orders from Australia for the manufacture of new Hitachi traction motor armature and spare parts worth US$ 824,000.00.


Rotomac becomes the second company in India to be able to carry out successfully, the type tests on Rotomac traction motors for main line electric locomotives as per IEC 349 both under DC and PC.

Rotomac becomes the second approved source for the supply of single coil design field coils for traction motor stators.


Rotomac receives approval for the supply of TAO 659 traction motors to Indian Railways.

Rotomac receives orders for 42 TAO 659 traction motors from the Railway Board.

Rotomac receives a contract for the repair of traction motors and generators from Bangladesh Railways and training of Bangladesh Railway workshop engineers and workers in the art and science of traction motor repairs.

Rotomac receives a contract from Myanmar Railways for setting up a complete modern traction motor plant for them.


Rotomac supplies total plant and equipment sets for traction motor manufacturing and repair works to Insein works of Myanmar Railways.

Supplies total spare parts for the repairs of traction motors.


Rotomac is perhaps one of the very few companies in the world who possess the expertise in

manufacturing - new traction motors, new spare parts for 16 types and models of traction motors, thermal class 180�C/220�C insulating varnishes and materials.

repairing - over 6500 traction motors of assorted types.

plant and equipment - special purpose equipments for traction motor works, testing station for testing traction motors as per IEC 349, special purpose jigs, fixtures, tools, moulds, etc.

project work - setting up the most economical and "state of the art" traction motor manufacturing and repair works.

development activities - re-engineering of very old traction motors to upgrade HP rating (presently Rotomac is carrying out this work for ACTS, Holland, for 60 traction motors against a contract) and protective coatings for hot rolled, cold rolled steel sheets, aluminum sheets, etc (patent applied for).


At Rotomac, it is a continuous process of change, a never ending search for new ideas and product lines since its inception.